We all want clients to stand up and take notice of our brand, but what’s the best way to make your brand ‘pop’?

Here are a few helpful tips on how working together with your design team can lead your brand to success.

Brand is very important to every business and that first glimpse the consumer gets of your logo needs to be memorable all while setting the tone for your brand. Your brand is more than just a logo on a business card, letterhead or website; a successful brand will evoke the senses and inspire an emotional response in your client. What do they feel, see, even taste when they first see your brand?

Branding is a full strategy and one that can’t stop with just your logo. It needs to follow through your entire business and needs to be reflected in all your content; the style and feel of your advertising, website; and all facets which the client sees and perceives as your brand.

As designers we need to ask a few questions to help create that winning design for your brand.

How do you describe your company, what words sum you up?
How would you like your clients to describe you?
What sets you apart from your competitors?
Is there something that you can provide to you customers that sets you apart from your competitors?
Lastly we need to look at what factors can affect a brand.

We as designers can affect the brand:

the correct use of colours, imagery, type, logo and design elements itself all help to play an
important role in how your brand can be positively received in the market place.

Consumers can also affect your brand:

Actions of the consumer can have both positive and negative affects on a brand.
The business itself also can have an affect on the brand:

Are their actions the way they wish to be perceived?
How do they interact with their clients and even their employees?
How do they respond to their client’s need?
All these and more can shift how a brand is perceived in the market place.

Over all, with the designers working together with the client, and having a clear understanding of the brand objectives, can lead to a clear, effective and most importantly a successful brand.